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Why Small Group Personal Training Is For You

Ever wondered what small group personal training is all about and whether it is for you? Well here are 5 reasons Small Group PT is for everyone....


Bored of your standard workout routine? Every workout at Iceni Training is different. Keep your body adapting and your mind engaged.


Have you ever been worried to try a new exercise? With the guidance of our expert coaches, we will ensure you learn proper technique and form in every session.


Don’t have time to train for hours every night? Our 50-minute session with the instruction of our team will make sure you get 100% out of your time so you can focus on the things that matter to you outside the gym.


Workout in a group of up to 6 will give you that push you’ve been missing training on your own or at home. Being part of a group with similar goals to keep you on track


Reaching your goals is never easy. Our coaching team is there to help guide you along the way and help monitor your progress.

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