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Training Smarter As A Master……

We don't like to talk about age but in the gym environment, it is something that is very important when we are looking at our training and what we are doing. As we mature we need to get smart with our training.

I have trained a lot in past years, perhaps too much, going from doing nothing to training for a marathon and cross country running then onto a triathlon....and everything in between.

During lockdown, I went back to endurance running again, because it’s all there was to do apart from making use of a few old weights in the garage.

I then ran a PB marathon 11 years after my last!


By training smarter, fuelling correctly and getting strong but running less!

Two runs a week that were all about quality over quantity mixed with two strength sessions and a little bit of cycling. It was a winning combination but running way under half of my old training miles per week. This kept me injury free and always ready to train again!

Mix it up

This way of training has now stuck with me and it always will, since lockdown I train smart by mixing strength sessions, high-intensity cardio sessions and if I'm feeling a bit jaded lower intensity sessions that stress the body less but still build an engine, it's the base of the pyramid of my fitness.

I warm up, work on mobility regularly and if I get the feeling that I’m tightening up I ramp up my stretching game.

Fuel your workouts

I eat a small carb-loaded snack an hour before I train, cashew nuts, banana loaf and a little biscoff are my go-to and I always replace fluids as I go but also come into the workout well hydrated.

All of these separate parts add up to me being able to train, improve, enjoy myself and as I approach my 50’s not be scared of age catching up with my body and my fitness.

Listen to your body

When I feel beat up I take a day off, listening to your body is paramount, train clever! Quality always wins over quantity. If you can walk away from a workout because you're not feeling it that day it’s not a loss, it’s the mature thing to do. If you can walk back in again the next time and be rested and ready to go that's a win.

Strength, low intensity, cardiovascular high intensity, leg days, benching with buddies, it all makes up smarter training.

Older isn’t always smarter but training smarter as we get older definitely is!

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