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Don't Forget The Assault Bike

We have 2 assault fitness bikes that are available to use at Iceni training, they are often overlooked but definitely shouldn't be. They offer a full body workout in very little time. With regular use they will improve your fitness gains, guaranteed!

Here are three workouts you can hit in around 20 minutes.

Warm Up

For each workout warm up with 5 minutes on the bike, starting at an easy pace then picking it up each minute.

Cool Down

5 min spin out on the bike. No arms, super easy effort.

Workout 1

8 Rounds

10s Work at RPE 10!

20s Rest at RPE 1

To set this up hit the reset button then press the 10/20 interval.

It's just 4 minutes then take 2 minutes rest, press the button and go for it again!

Workout 2

For Time:

200 cals

*4 Burpees every 2 minutes.

Workout 3

8 Rounds

20s Work at RPE 10 - Standing effort

10s Rest at RPE 1 - Seated recovery

To set up, hit reset then the 20/10 interval button.

It's just 4 minutes. Go hard and hold on.



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