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3 Tips for Beginning Weightlifting

Weightlifting can be a fun and rewarding sport to get into whether you are looking at starting for fun or with a view to competing in the future, Olympic Weightlifting is for everyone. While the movements are complex and can look daunting, everything can be broken down into manageable movement patterns to allow everyone the opportunity to learn the lifts.

So if you are looking at starting weightlifting here are 3 super simple tips to take on board...

1. Mobility

You may be one of the lucky few who start out lifting with great mobility. Chances are though, that it’s going to be a work in progress. Take your time at the beginning of a session to mobilise correctly and prep the body for the movements you’re about to do in the session. This in turn will also build strength and control in the full range of motion needed to perform the lifts correctly, which will help your progress.

2. Be Patient & Consistent

Ok so this is kinda a 2 for 1 but they go hand in hand.

Learning the Olympic lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk) can be a long process. They are complex movements that require a high level of skill. These skills take time to learn. Many new lifters are often discouraged or impatient when it comes to learning the lifts, have a few weeks where they feel stuck or don’t see the progress they would like to, and give in. Whether someone has been lifting for a few weeks or a few years there are always little bits that can be changed/adjusted to improve their technique. So be patient, take your time, be consistent with your training and the pieces will come together.

3. Stay Light

This one may seem obvious but it is something that is always worth remembering. Going back to point 2, learning these skills takes time so don’t rush to add too much weight to the bar. Adding too much weight can lead to injury and nobody wants that.

The key for a beginner is technique, technique, and more technique.

Keep to lighter-moderate loads where movement is smooth and snappy with good form. If you lose any of those components then drop the weight.

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